How to write a paragraph

How To Write A Business Letter

How to write a paragraph

How to write a paragraph

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Proofread your letter

It’s time to check your writing. Slowly read your letter aloud.

Look at details of punctuation and grammar in your letter. Are your sentences complete? Do verbs go with your nouns? Do you need to add any missing punctuation? What about capital letters, especially in names and addresses? How’s your spelling?

Proofreading will improve your letter. Be sure to catch and change anything that makes your letter sound unprofessional. Try catching and changing at least five mistakes.

Check your formatting. Does your letter look neat and professional? Is it done in easy-to-read print and in 12-point font size? Make any final changes.

Publishing your letter

Congratulations on completing your letter! Finish by saving it on your computer, and by printing it. Reread it one last time. If it can’t be improved any further, sign your name with a pen. Do this in the three single lines of space between your polite closing and your printed name.