How to write a paragraph

How To Write A Business Letter

How to write a paragraph

How to write a paragraph

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Start your business letter

Explain why you are writing. Write one or two sentences stating the purpose of your letter. Be as short and as specific as possible.

Remember that your opening paragraph should sum up what you hope to achieve by writing the letter.

Make a paragraph break. Skip a line by leaving it blank, and go on to the next step.

Write the body of your business letter

  • Main points or ideas
    Explain the main points you need to include in the letter. Don’t mix main ideas together. Use a separate sentence to make each main point. Sound positive.

  • Details
    Illustrate the main points of your letter with facts, details, and/or examples. Make sure to include all the necessary facts.

Organize your letter

Be sure you are giving the reader enough information. Be sure your information is given in an order that makes sense. If you need to, change the order. Add a couple of new sentences, but only if they will make your letter better.

Make another paragraph break. Skip a line by leaving it blank, and go on to the next step.

Close your letter

End your letter politely. Yours truly, or Sincerely, are acceptable closings. Note that they must be capitalized and followed by a comma.

Skip three single-space lines by leaving them blank. Write out your first and last name in order to remind the person who has written. (Later you will sign your name by hand.)

Reviewing and revising to improve your letter

Are you pleased? You’ve almost completed a business letter. But you’re not done yet. You can always improve your letter. The way to complete a successful business letter is by looking over your work.

Read your letter aloud. Have you said all you need to say? Are your sentences clear? Is the purpose of your letter clear? Does your letter sound positive? Is it easy to read? Make sure that you don’t repeat yourself.

Try to make at least one change that will improve your letter.