How to write a paragraph

How To Write A Business Letter

How to write a paragraph

How to write a paragraph

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Many people need help writing a business letter. A business letter is an important part of applying for school or for a job. If you don’t know how to write a business letter, it can be a difficult thing to do.

Getting started on your business letter

Before you start writing, you need to decide three things. Who are you writing to? What do you need to tell them? How can writing this letter help you? The purpose of a business letter is to express your point clearly and quickly.

You can write a successful business letter by starting with a plan. The key to doing a successful business letter is to break the writing into short, simple steps.

Introduce yourself

Who are you? Begin by letting the reader know. Put your first and last names at the page top.

Where are you? On the next line, write your street address followed by your apartment number. On the third line, write the name of your city or town, followed by the abbreviation for your state, followed by your zip code. Tip—the comma goes after the name of your city or town. There is no comma between the abbreviation for your state and your zip code.

How can you be reached? On the fourth line, write your phone number. Example: 516-321-1234. On the fifth line, write your email address if you have one.

If you know how, put everything you have done so far—your name, address, phone and email, in bold and in the center.

Now, skip a couple of lines by leaving them blank, and go on to the next step.

The rest of the letter should not be in bold and in the center. It should be in plain text, and on the left.